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have a puppy eyed photo.

have my face.
overcast weather is the best weather.

am I cool yet.

have a blurry selfie of my Totodile and I.

ain’t it cute :))

aaaapparently I’m a bitch.
this photo has caused an old hater to unearth herself and go out of her way to call me one through someone else’s profile.

lol@your psycho ass girlfriend.

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guise, do you know how rare it is for me to feel this way about myself?
I actually feel good here. I do.

I promise she looks better without those obnoxious eye effects :P but dis my best fwend <3

they’re called contacts, and don’t be a hater mah nigguh.

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guise, do you know how rare it is for me to feel this way about myself?
I actually feel good here. I do.

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here’s my face guise,
my general Halloween look.
(vampy vamp.)

I’ve noticed

some little things…
some things I’ve picked up along the way.

like how you no longer wear your cologne,
or how our kisses are limited,
how our hugs are rare.

then there’s the times where you lift your arm so I can cuddle underneath during a movie,
or when I lay on your chest and count your breaths,
or when you’ll lay on my tummy to get more comfortable.

but I think my favorites so far are…
when I sit up and you scoot aside and sit up so I can lay on your lap,
or when I toss and turn your hand will find my waist and pull me back,
or when your fingers
run along my arm
over every scar
and imperfect patch on my skin…
and still, somehow, make me feel at home.

I miss you even when you’re next to me…
I’m still so in love with you.
I love you so.



thank you for putting up with me,
for loving me through all my faults,
for supporting me when I need it,
for trying.

I love you, I do I do.

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credit to beckaspocket!

aaand another!


and suddenly,
I’m feeling really bummed again…

playing online wasn’t the greatest idea,
people get so rude over just a fucking game.
especially to me when I havent even done anything besides play the fucking game…

People like that are making me hate my favorite game…
I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m done for a long while…